A. A FRANK DISCSUSSION ABOUT THE IMPICATIONS OF HOUSE FILE 802:  The new law, HF 802, prohibits educators from teaching, advocating, encouraging, promoting, or acting upon race or sex stereotyping and scapegoating. What impact will this have on Iowans? What actions have taken place since the law was passed? How does it affect your children’s lives? How do you define the terms used in the law? What are the legal penalties for violating the law? We will discuss these questions and more in this interactive session.

Odell McGhee, Ret. District Associate Judge.


B. JUSTICE ADVISORY BOARD & JUVENILE JUSTICE ADVISORY OFFICIAL REPORTS & RECOMMENDATIONS FOR CHANGE – The Justice Advisory Board is mandated by Iowa law to advise Iowa legislators on how to improve Iowa’s Justice System.  The Iowa Human Rights Department Division of Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning staffs the committee and the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board. Hear how the JAB and the JJAB recommend lawmakers address justice issues like racial profiling, school to prison pipeline, mental illness/brain health, sexual offenders and more. Jill Padgett, Bri Deason, and Steve Michael of the Iowa Human Rights Department and CJJP


C. THE CHIEFS SPEAK, 21ST CENTURY POLICING:  Many Law Enforcement Agencies throughout Iowa have taken measures in recent years to make policing more equitable. In this workshop, you will hear directly from the leaders of law enforcement agencies and about their efforts to make changes from within, improve community relationships and how they are seeking to diversify their organizations. 

Moderators:  Kevin Sanders, President, Des Moines Branch NAACP, and Vicky Long Hill, Iowa Law Enforcement Academy Commissioner  Panelists: Chiefs Troy Kelsay, University Heights; Dustin Listin, Iowa City; Chief Darrius Potts, Ankeny; Dennis McDaniel, Johnston; and Mike Tupper, Marshalltown


E. OVERVIEW OF POLICE CULTURAL COMPETENCY TRAINING:  Urban Dreams provides training for each class of cadets attending the Iowa Law Enforcement Basic Academy on cultural competency and community connectivity. This session will give attendees a brief overview of the two hours session with an opportunity to ask questions and inquire how we can bring the session(s) to your department or organization.

Urban Dreams:  Izaah Knox Executive Director, Negus Sankofa Imhotep, Byron Jarrett


E. HATE CRIMES IN IOWA – THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FEDERAL AND STATE LAWS:  The NAACP is Leading the community charge to tighten hate crimes in Iowa. This workshop will lift why we need hate crime legislation, break down the myths about hate crimes and  provide understanding of the distinction between federal and state hate crime. You will also see how hate crimes have dramatically increased during the pandemic.

Eugene Kowel, Special Agent in Charge, Federal Bureau of Investigations; Laura Roan, Polk County Assistant County Attorney